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Deadly Defense

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Posted 2011-August-05, 12:17

Deadly Defense. Izdebski, Krzemien, Klinger.2011.$22.95 192pp.

I really enjoyed the beginning and the end parts of this book.

The middle parts talk about their preferred way of playing signals.

I really enjoyed the chapters on how to beat cold contracts, surround plays and trump tricks from nowhere.

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Posted 2014-May-03, 22:54

As a player who prefers UDCA and attitude sigs I rate this book higher. It definitely has improved my defense and next time I go shopping I will buy the associated quiz book. So you don't play what signal differently and you'll still gain from this great book.

Don't worry that the leads are usually standard Polish and different from what most of us use from small cards since if count matters, the inference from the lead is explained!

There is absolutely no issue with English language here perhaps due to Klinger.

I would insist that any serious and especially UDCA PD buy this book.

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Posted 2014-May-16, 06:08

I read this one recently - was looking for some meat and potatoes defence tips so got off to a bad start with it, as it kicks off with discussion of stellar expert defensive plays. However, I persevered and got quite a bit out of it - stuff on surround plays and false-carding was very digestible, for example. Generally a bit above my level, though, overall. Agree it's pretty well-written throughout.

Some comments made me smile - 'Seeing your falsecard of the J, the obvious play for declarer is to now finesse the 8' Not where I play, Wladyslaw, it isn't :)

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