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Rubber Bridge Books

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Posted 2014-November-24, 18:41

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a rubber bridge book? I haven't seen any published in many years, but just came across this one:

The Golden Rules for Rubber Bridge Players

Any thoughts on this or other ones?


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Posted 2014-November-25, 03:13

The obvious ones are Why you lose at bridge and Cut for partners by S.J. Simon, but I guess you already have those on your list.

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Posted 2014-November-25, 21:49

Yes, Simon's books are the obvious classic choice.

One other recent book, besides the Pottage which you already found, is Dan Romm's Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You. A lot of his emphasis is on getting the best out of an unknown partner and surviving in a cut-for-partners money game. (From a duplicate perspective, I don't, to be honest, agree with many of his suggestions -- so comparing what he recommends for rubber vs. what everyone else recommends for duplicate is informative.)

Almost all declarer play books spend almost all their time on rubber and IMP style play, with only one chapter or so devoted to matchpoint tactics.

And, of course, if you just want to read about things in a rubber setting, many of the collections of hands (Kauder's Bridge Philosopher) and storybooks feature deals played at rubber. Of course most of those stories concentrate on the wild and crazy happenings, not on bread-and-butter rubber bridge.

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