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RESPONSE west bid

#1 User is offline   maris oren 

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Posted 2021-May-05, 08:40

What should W bid? all velnerable. N-S play percision

#2 User is offline   LBengtsson 

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Posted 2021-May-05, 08:46

2 there is no other bid to be made

#3 User is offline   apollo1201 

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Posted 2021-May-05, 14:45

2S what else? Unless of course 1S just denied a 4-cd major where 1NT stands out. Provided of course you dont play weak NT where you should have opener 1NT earlier...

#4 User is offline   jillybean 

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Posted 2021-May-05, 19:12

I assume the 1 overcall was just simply that, a diamond overcall?

2 seems clear.
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(still learning)

#5 User is offline   Douglas43 

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Posted 2021-May-06, 08:09

2 at pairs but might stretch to 3 at teams.

#6 User is offline   Winstonm 

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Posted 2021-May-06, 08:47

Im guessing there was some problem with this deal but I am wondering what it was because at this point there is no problem.
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#7 User is offline   gszes 

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Posted 2021-May-09, 15:06

2s there are few hands that will make game and a ton of hands that will go down at 3+ spades. We have a partner and if they can make some noise we will happily accept
a game invite (i would be a tad leery of accepting a slam invite (would be a LOT happier if dia K were elsewhere).

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