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updated BBO display view of all hands when dummy

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Posted 2012-December-09, 03:21

I have been using BBO with great pleasure for years with that old version where when Dummy you can see ALL hands as soon as the bidding is completed.
Because I have suddenly been getting the dreaded Script Error pop-up some very nice person at the BBO help site has suggested I upgrade.
I have visited the site which, though highly complex (the old version is so much more comfortable ☺), I can get used to except that on the old version, if you are going to be dummy, as soon as the last bid registers
the entire hand is visible (just to you of course).
And I cannot find if there is a way to do that on this all singing all dancing version.

Also is there a way to downgrade BBO back to where it was?

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Posted 2012-December-21, 16:28

The only way would be to leave the table and kibitz.

Personally I think the idea of dummy seeing all four hands is wrong. How many times has a dummy just said "claim partner"? How many times have you wondered if the dummy involved could see all the hands (was using the old version)? I have seen it more than I like.

Wait until the end of the hand. Then it will show up in the results section and you can review each trick if you want.

At one point a windows player could undo immediately before the first trick! Yikes.

It would be a nice feature to show a little "windows" icon on the players that are not using the web version, so you know what you are up against. :)

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